SPAM is bad.  It only persists because it costs the senders nothing.



Unsolicited Email

Next Venture Partners, LLC NEVER sends unsolicited email.   None of our employees do.

NVP has been the victim of someone fraudulently forging emails as if it came from us.  It did not. 

NVP does not send stock advice, or any other unsolicited email.  We do not maintain a mailing list.  There is no list to ask to have your email removed from.

If you have received such an email from us, it is a forgery.  We recommend that if you receive an unsolicited stock recommendation from any source, you should be highly alert to a "pump and dump" scheme.  See the SEC for more details here for how a pump and dump scheme works.

If you have any questions, please contact us.



Fighting Spam



Wikipedia on Spam



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